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Cellular Automation - Simply

Your remote automation project is almost certainly going to need communications, and increasingly cellular communications is being recognized as the cost/performance leader. Now it’s time to take the next step and build your automation application on the same platform that is providing communications capabilities.

When configured with Ctek’s Automation Control application a SkyRouter is capable of interfacing to industry standard sensors and has all of the required logic to monitor inputs, control outputs, and react instantly to the requirements of your application.

This is the ultimate one-box solution for water/wastewater, motor-generator control, agricultural facilities, irrigation, lighting control, asset management, and much more.


Ctek SkyCloud - Visual Access and Management

Everybody has a cloud, or so it would seem. The feature set associated with most M2M clouds is quite consistent. They will provide some information about the wireless device, and perhaps a little insight into the wireless network. If you want to visualize information about your actual application, there are connectors, APIs, adapters, and various other methods of getting your actual application onto the cloud. That is where the programming, the cost, and the long lead-times begin.

Ctek’s SkyCloud is different. To start automationwith, it doesn’t require a programming staff and a 6-month development to make your application information visual. SkyCloud logic exists in every SkyRouter. It is self-provisioning and self-reporting, simply turn it on for complete visualization and navigation capabilities.

Yes, SkyCloud will tell you about your wireless device, and yes, it will provide a wealth of both real-time and historical network information. In addition, it will display the application parameters that are important to you, along with the overall health of any endpoint in real time.


OEM/VAR Private Label Program

Private label

Ctek's Private Label program preserves your brand identity and lets you offer your customers a seamless view of your product. We make private labeling easy with no label/your label options, easy to modify documentation, and a single simple mechanism to customize the SkyRouter's user interface with your logo, and look and feel.

Cellular Communications – Reliably

In 2003 Ctek introduced the SkyRouter line, the first wireless device to step outside the "wireless modem" paradigm and provide true IT quality routing capabilities for wide area networking over cellular networks. Today SkyRouters are providing reliable data communications on CDMA, GSM and HPA/UMTS networks around the world.

Ctek's selection of wireless routers are available for every network, all built on the Linux operating system and complete with firewall, GRE tunneling, IPsec, built-in GPS, and SMS messaging capabilities, and all available as branded or private label products.

  • Network approved cellular router
  • Always available IP connection - all networks
  • Ethernet, RS232, RS485, and USB connectivity
  • Legacy support for serial devices
  • Remote management and firmware update
  • Built-in GPS
  • Pre-built and DIY onboard applications

Spotlight on Application Development


Cost reduce and simplify your endpoint application by combining the cellular network controller and application processor on one box. Ctek's SkyRouter is the industry's first and only cellular router that offers a single open source Linux application platform  for use with all network technologies.  This means that the application you initially develop on CDMA can be simply migrated to GSM or UMTS, in most cases without even having to recompile. All of this capability is available at no additional cost with every SkyRouter cellular router.

  • Network approved cellular router
  • Agency certified hardware platform
  • Complete Linux 2.6 distribution
  • No cost development environment